General Policies

Product Exchange Policy

Defective Products:

  • If you received a defective product, please let us know within 24 hours of purchase (888-882-0888) and we will come right back out to exchange it at zero cost to you.
  • If we are notified of a defective product more than 24 hours and no later than 30 days after purchase, we’re still happy to exchange it, but ask that you place a new order.
  • All defective products must be replaced with same brand/type of product.

Non-Defective Products:

  • No returns accepted for now.

Missed Delivery Policy:

  • Once your driver has notified you of their arrival, you have a 5 minute window to receive your delivery. After your time window has lapsed, Purple Punch reserves the right to move onto it’s next delivery. Adhering to this policy keeps our average delivery time low. Please place a new order if you have missed your driver.


  • Upon delivery, please have your valid ID and payment ready. We accept cash and most debit/credit cards.

Ordering Terms and Conditions:

  • You must confirm your order with our dispatcher (we call you) to verify before your order can be processed.
  • Your order must meet the minimum order requirements (after discounts & before taxes) before it can be processed.
  • While we usually accept orders until closing time, if all of our drivers are busy and unable to return to our hub in time, we may need to ask you to reschedule your delivery for the following day. Please help us avoid this possibility by placing your order before 10:00pm.

Proposition 65 Warning:

This store contains products known to the State of California Environmental Protection Agency to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Purple Punch operates in strict compliance with all applicable state and local laws.